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Supporting Patient Care

24 months


Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation


Currently, there is no organized or validated structure of best practices to help support patients and families after a diagnosis of PF. Providers, clinics, and even centers of excellence operate on “expert opinion” without any evidence to determine if interventions are of value. 

To address this gap and provide meaningful care for patients and their families, the Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation is executing a best practices program that is designed to:

  • Decrease time to diagnosis by improving outreach to community physicians

  • Develop a specified nurse coordinator with training in interstitial lung disease

  • Provide resources and tools to improve quality of life

  • Implement a patient/caregiver support program Yolanda Mageto, MD, oversees the pilot program. Dr. Mageto is a pulmonary critical care specialist who serves as the Medical Director of Interstitial Lung Disease at Baylor University Medical Center.

PF Warriors

PF Warriors serves a global community of PF/ILD patients and their families, supporters, and caregivers.

Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF) mobilizes people and resources to increase access to high quality care and leads research for a cure so people with PF can live longer, healthier lives.

Additional Programs

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