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A Documentary that Highlights Organ Donation


Nonprofit Highlights the Need for Lung Organ Donation with Short Documentary Film

CHICAGO, November 16, 2020 — Three Lakes Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving time to diagnosis and accelerating therapies for pulmonary fibrosis, announced the release of “Second Wind.” This purpose- driven short documentary spotlights the need for organ donation and increases awareness of a devastating lung disease. The film focuses on the health transformation of Nick Brown, a patient who received a lifegiving double-lung transplant.

Pulmonary fibrosis (PF) occurs when lung tissue becomes damaged from scarring. Approximately 40-50,000 people are diagnosed with PF each year. In many cases, a lung transplant offers PF patients a new hope.

“We’re extremely proud of how this short film shines a light on PF and lung organ donation,” said Dana Ball, executive director of Three Lakes Foundation. “While nearly 1,500 people actively waited for a lung transplant last year, an additional 2,219 were added to the waiting list. We hope this film will inspire people to consider organ donation. And for those who are experiencing symptoms such as chronic cough and fatigue, we encourage them to visit a doctor as soon as possible.”

“Second Wind” centers on Nick Brown of Mooresville, Ind. The film explores the long journey he took to getting an accurate diagnosis and the struggle to receive a double lung transplant. Brown also shares his personal mission of living life in the present and spreading awareness about PF and organ donation.

“I honestly believe that everyone should sign up to be an organ donor,” said Brown. “It’s an amazing gift that you can give somebody. I am so thankful for the second chance my donor has given me. A part of her is still alive — in me — and that’s an amazing thing.”

“Nick’s case is a testament to just how critical a timely diagnosis of PF is,” said Michael Duncan, MD, medical director of the Lung Transplant Program at Indiana University Health. “Nick came in at just the right time. If his diagnosis was delayed any longer and his PF continued to progress, he likely would not have been a candidate for the gift of organ donation.”

“Second Wind” is a resource offered by Three Lakes Foundation to advocacy groups and organ procurement organizations to help tell their story and encourage people to take action. The hope is by sharing these personal stories, it might inspire and bring hope to PF patients and their families.

“Second Wind,” can also be seen by visiting

About Three Lakes Foundation Three Lakes Foundation (TLF) is a nonprofit dedicated to serving as a catalyst for uniting research, industries and philanthropy in pulmonary fibrosis. We connect entrepreneurs, advocates and institutions to an innovation ecosystem that will transform our approach to improve time to diagnosis and accelerate new therapies. To learn more, visit



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